Savimedia creates bespoke digital advertising in Newcastle, Sunderland, County Durham, Northumberland and beyond. 

Digital advertising is constantly evolving and uses many different techniques to target the growing audience segments. It’s therefore important to build a campaign that leverages the right medium, whether that be social media, mobile apps, email or websites, to target the right people.

Digital advertising in Newcastle

Digital Display Advertising

Display display campaigns can be across specific websites or via Ad Network inventory.  In addition, a campaign can be built for long-term brand building or short-term sales activation.

  • Ad Networks connect digital advertisers to a large number of websites. It is therefore important to choose the right network for your audience.  
  • Targeting options vary greatly from age and sex to behavioural targeting. It’s therefore important to analyse your audience making sure adverts target the right people.
  • Formats for advertising vary. For instance, images, text, audio or video and be used creatively to create impact or intrigue.

Digital advertising in Newcastle

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is constantly evolving and is a key element of the media mix. Importantly, each platform attracts a slightly different audience making analysis a key part of planning.      

  • YouTube is the largest internet video website. As such, it attracts over 46 million unique users in the UK.
  • Facebook has over 40 million UK users. In addition, it benefits from many targeting metrics.
  • Instagram boasts a growing UK audience of over 24 million.
  • Twitter has a diverse UK audience of over 13 million
  • LinkedIn benefits from 27 million UK business profiles.
  • TikTok now ranks within the top 20 mobile apps based on time spent in the UK.

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