Savimedia specialises in bespoke Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Northumberland and beyond. OOH targets people when they are out and about whether they are in a car, on a bus, or simply walking down the street.

Out-of-Home Advertising Transport

Transport OOH

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is available across many transport networks such as bus, air and rail have a wide range of poster and digital sites located on vehicles or within stations and terminals.

  • Bus, while it has a substantial presence on the high street, allows coverage in hard to reach suburban and rural areas.
  • Rail consists of national and regional networks and targets people between work and their leisure time. Rail offers high dwell times as people wait at stations or sit on the train.
  • Airports attract senior level business decision makers as well as leisure travellers who make life changing decisions whilst on holiday.     

Out-of-Home Advertising Retail

Road, Retail and Sport OOH

Out-of-Home poster and digital sites are generally situated in high traffic and footfall locations.

  • Roadside media is situated along busy routes in and around all towns and cities. Billboards offer impact while bus adshels create high frequency.
  • City centres are prime locations for both large and small format media. Large digital screens on the high street are striking while 6 sheets offer close proximity to retailers.
  • Retail media sites can be found on the high street or in shopping centres and supermarkets. During leisure time people are more receptive to visual messaging.
  • Sport attracts high footfall and stadiums offer many advertising opportunities to engage with their audiences.

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