Savimedia offers print and direct mail advertising in Newcastle, Sunderland, County Durham, Northumberland and beyond.

Newspapers, monthly magazines and trade press titles are consumed regularly by many people in the UK. In addition, direct mail allows advertisers to place an advert directly into the hands of people.


Print Advertising

Press and Magazine Advertising

Print is consumed slower than other forms of media. The act of purchasing a title also means they are more likely to read it.  

  • Press and Magazines are available on a national, regional or local level.
  • Print passes from person to person thus increasing coverage.  
  • Trade titles can target specific industry professionals. 
  • Special interest magazines can be an effective way of communicating with hard to reach audiences, for example, young affluent males.
  • Adverts can be tactful, for instance, sitting next to relevant articles.

Direct Mail Advertising

Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail and door to door advertising means adverts are placed directly into peoples’ hands.

  • Items can be leaflets, brochures, product samples or coupons. 
  • Direct mail sent via post and addressed to a person at home or work.
  • Door to door is not personal and sent via a team or inserted into a newspaper.

Savimedia uses audience reporting tools such as JICREG to evaluate the efficiency of local and national print.

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