Savimedia plans television, video and audio advertising in Newcastle, Sunderland, County Durham, Northumberland and beyond.

Television and radio are both high-reach mediums and advertising can reach audiences on a local and national level.  In addition, video and audio platforms can have an amplifier effect on both of these traditional mediums. 


Television and Video Advertising

Television and Video

Television is exciting, engaging and empathetic with the compelling power to bring brands to life.  Furthermore, TV offers a range of advertising opportunities from traditional spot advertising to sponsorship.

  • Direct response advertising asks viewers to respond to a call to action whether that’s to telephone or to go online to perform a task. 
  • Targeting options for TV advertising are diverse allowing adverts to be seen by the right people at the right time.  Audiences can be defined by location, gender, age or even by their viewing and purchasing habits.
  • Video-on-demand is a growing medium and all major broadcasters in the UK have their own platforms.

Radio Advertising


Audio offers many ways of communicating with audiences across various devices. Importantly, campaigns can be high reach or narrowly targeted making it highly effective at building awareness.

  • Radio has a powerful and emotive connection with its listeners projecting a brand-safe environment. Furthermore, audiences have their favourite stations making it a regular part of their daily routine whether they are listening in their car, at work or at home.
  • Digital audio is continuing to evolve with the expansion of digital devices. Importantly, audiences can stream their local radio station via an app, catch up on their favourite Podcast or create playlists via Spotify on their laptop.   

Savimedia uses tools from Radiocentre and Barb (television) for the latest audience data.

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