Autumn 2022 Media News

Netflix Advertising Subscription


As Netflix launches its basic plan with adverts in the UK, what does this mean for advertisers?

It will carry four to five minutes of ads an hour and its ad format will be based on 15 and 30-second pre-roll and during-show spots.

Subscribers to the plan will be in their infancy to begin with but we should know how many they have in early 2023.

Advertising campaigns will have basic targeting capabilities based on country and genre but as Netflix collects more data, the targeting metrics should also increase. Watch this space!

ITV and C4

With the growth of video-on-demand and the line between linear and digital content blurring, our well known UK VOD services will soon have fresh faces.

ITV will be launching as ITVX (Dec 2022) and Channel 4 will soon adopt a single brand identity across its entire portfolio (All4, E4, Film4, More4 etc.).

With these changes UK VOD services hope to increase their online audience figures and compete with likes of Netflix.


The UK commercial radio industry has had its most successful period ever reaching 38.2 million weekly listeners!

Total online radio listening is now at 24%, up from 18% year on year. 

The growth of technology such as smart speakers has inevitably helped the radio industry as total online radio reach is now at 24%. 

The North East’s radio reach is set out opposite.  

Out-of Home

Motorway Service Areas have seen an increase in newly installed digital 6 sheet panels at more than 50 UK locations. 

As people are travelling more this year, whether it’s for Christmas shopping, events or just visiting family and friends, advertising is reaching more people along the roadside.   

Out-of-home provides flexible, digital and programmatic capabilities to suit most brands and budgets.


  • Twitter has entered a chaotic and unpredictable era now that it’s owned by the richest man on earth, Elon Musk. The introduction of a bluetick subscription fee will give Twitter a revenue stream to reward content creators but may also cause users to move to other social platforms. The platform currently reaches around 27% UK adults, watch this space!
  • Young adults continue to spend the most time online, with 18- 24-year-olds spending an average of 5 hours 6 minutes online a day, and those aged 55+ spending the least time (2 hours 58 minutes).