Top 10 Tips For Cutting Through Advertising Clutter


As demand for sectors such as UK holidays grow, advertising platforms are becoming cluttered. Here are our top 10 tips to make your advertising stand out from the crowd.

  1. Put your audience first. Take time to really get into the head of who your audience is and how they consume advertising in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  2. Target your adverts at the right people. It’s now easier than ever to target people by their interests, location or whether they have just bought a tent.
  3. Colours – research where your advert will appear. Using a blue advert on a mostly blue website will not stand out.
  4. Use the right format. Make sure the creative works with a range of sizes i.e. a portrait poster advert may not work well as a digital leaderboard.
  5. Use striking imagery that informs. If you’re promoting a restaurant, use an appealing internal image which conveys the aura of the room i.e. relaxed, romantic etc.
  6. Consider rich media. Video has higher engagement than static adverts.
  7. Communicate one key message. Using only one makes it easier for your audience to understand and increases the likelihood of engagement or action.
  8. Use simple eye-catching copy. The call to action should be easy to understand while the headline should be bold and clean.
  9. Educate your audience. A game or quiz engages your audiences brain i.e. ‘Discover what type of traveller you are’.
  10. Send a timely message. Engagement is higher during different times of the day, week or season so invest your time into discovering the peaks.